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We could go on and on about why we love Sugaring so much! At Candy Coat
Beauty we incorporate it into our Brazilian Bikini Waxing nearly every
time! Sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal dating back to the
Egyptian times and most commonly used in the Middle East to this day.
Sugaring has gained popularity in the past 5 years with most sugaring salons
concentrated in the Los Angeles and Seattle market. At Candy Coat Beauty we
use the hand sugaring method which takes time to perfect but once mastered
is truly a thing of beauty. Hair can be removed with as little as 8 days of
growth instead of the usual 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Skin is left with a baby soft
feeling and little to no ingrowns. Expect less hair growth after this
service as well!

At Candy Coat Beauty it is our experience that using Hard Wax is a much
more pleasant experience for clients as it shrink wraps the hair and does
not stick to the skin like a traditional soft wax application.This with our
Candy Box Method for Brazilian waxing makes it the most practically
painless Brazilian possible! We do love soft wax used with strips for leg &
Back Waxing! Why not try our skin loving Bubble Gum Strip Wax!

Our line is made by an esthetician with years of waxing experience for
estheticians who expect the very best. We make our waxes and product in
small batches with the greatest of care.

Yes with the exception of the “Licorice Whip” Hard Wax that resembles
CirepilĀ® in the fact that it has polymers, a type of plastic in it, the
entire line is 100% organic!